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Sydhavn - 2450

Cleaning service


Flex Rengøring & Polering ApS

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We offer:

Real estate services for cooperatives and owners' associations »

Stair washing for housing, cooperatives and owners' associations »

Window cleaning for housing companies »

Tel. +45 22 54 43 87

Address: Kenny Drews Vej 23, 2. th, 2450 København SV




About :

We understand your home is important to you. That is why we focus on the quality of the cleaning. Order online or call and let us make your home clean and shiny like you have never seen before.

Tel. +45 60 22 28 46

Address: Monica Zetterlunds Vej 27, 4th, 2450 København SV



Dino Ren

About :
Our goal is to provide high quality and good service, and to maintain trust with our customers in the long term. And we do it so that we also focus on creating a good atmosphere where our employees and their work are well appreciated. The way is to achieve this goal that we are open to detail what needs to be cleaned so that you can take care and keep your attention only on your job.

Tel. +45 28 89 88 98

Address: Scandiagade 25, 2450 Copenhagen




About :
Are you looking for a cleaning company that can make your office landscape shine, help with real estate services or something completely different? You have come to the right place. Firma Service IVS is a Danish-owned cleaning company located in Copenhagen SV, which saw the light of day back in 1990. Ever since, we have helped countless companies with commercial cleaning.

Tel. +45 29 91 41 90

Address: Wagnersvej 7B, 2450 København SV


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