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Sydhavn - 2450

Rowing, sailing and boat clubs in Sydhavn


Bådklubben Valby

About the boat club Valby:

"Bådklubben Valby (BKV) is a motorboat club with 87 places for motorboats and eight dinghy places and with a kayak department that has 24 kayak places and currently 45 members. In addition, club members (motorboat members) own the red boat sheds, a total of 34 sheds."

Address: Oscar Pettifords Vej 10, 2450 Copenhagen SW

Bådklubben Valby's website:

Bådklubben molen

About the boat club pier:

"Bådklubben Molen is located as the southernmost of the clubs in Kalvebodløbet and belongs to the Port of Copenhagen . The club's bridge has 31 berths of various sizes, where the maximum size is 4 x 11 meters"

Address: Sydløbsvej 3, 2450 Copenhagen

Bådklubben molen's website:


Sejlklubben tokosten

About the sailing club tokosten:

"Sejlklubben Tokosten is a marina in Copenhagen's south harbor, which as something special is an owner club. The harbor's position is: 55º38.33 ′ North 12º32.75 ′ East".

Address: Sejlklubvej 18, 2450 Copenhagen

Sejlklubben tokosten's website:


Motorbådsklubben west

About Motorboat Club west:

Rental of the Clubhouse
Rental of the clubhouse for
members price 1500, -
Not members Price3500, -

Address: Bothhavnsgade 27, 2450 Copenhagen

Motorboat Club West's website:


Sejlforening enighed

About Sailing Association agreement:

"The association is for sailboats. We are located in a distinctive and atmospheric little time pocket in Copenhagen's South Harbor, where our boats are well protected just south of the old lock - in Fiskerhavnen - with entry from Køge Bay through the picturesque calf penitentiary"

Address: Bothhavnsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen



Bådeklubben sjællandsbro

About the Boat Club Zealand Bridge:

If you have questions about the Boat Club, or to the board, you can send us an email at and we will respond as soon as possible.

Address: Sejlklubvej 16, 2450 København SV

Boat club sjællandsbro website:


Københavns roklub

About Copenhagen's rowing club:

Kbh's Roklub is one of Denmark's largest rowing clubs. Close to Fisketorvet and with many opportunities for fun, competition and exercise.

Address: Tømmergravsgade 13, 2450 Copenhagen

københavns roklub's website:


Bådforeningen trekanten

About the boating association triangle:

The boating association has the following pitches: 4 large pitches 4 x 12 meters, 45 large pitches 3 x 12 meters, 36 small pitches 2.5 x 8 meters

Address: Thomas Koppels Allé 19, 2450 Copenhagen



Kalvebod Bådelaug

Klubbens formål: Er at samle medlemmer om alt af søsportslig interesse,
samt at arbejde for at fremme af søsporten i det storkøbenhavnske område.

Adresse: Sydløbsvej 1  2450 København SV

bådforeningen trekanten hjemmeside:

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