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Sydhavn - 2450



Haveje Idrætsforening


Then all teams for next season are open for registration :)

Pilates is missing as we do not have an instructor - write to us at if you want to be :)

Phone: +45 20 16 76 77

Address: Oscar Pettifords Vej 5, 2450 Copenhagen



PAN Volleyball

Domains we know perform best when we trade in person - both with you and with our winemakers, so here you will find eco, bio and natural wines, as well as conventional - common to them all is that they are carefully selected and we know ” the perpetrators ”personally.

In 2016, our own import started with 3 wines: a chenin-based bush wine, Lare himself harvested and pressed in South Africa - a fresh Solaris from Scania and amphorae from Slovenia.

Phone: +45 27 79 54 12

Address: Julius Andersens Vej, 2450 Copenhagen

Website: l /

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