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Sydhavn - 2450




About :

Astanga Yoga is for everyone and is a dynamic form of yoga. Many people perceive this form of yoga as a good way to get in shape, as it strengthens and flexes the body based on where your body is today. In addition to the physical training, the body is left de-stressed with a feeling of lightness and calm in body and mind.

Tel. +45 22 83 89 44

Address: Kenny Drews Vej 63, 2450 Copenhagen



Dóttir Hot Yoga

About :

Welcome to Dóttir Hot Yoga, a new hot yoga studio located right in the beautiful harbor of Sydhavn, Copenhagen. Here at Dóttir Hot Yoga, we invite you to step inside our studio and leave all your thoughts and worries outside. Our goal is to provide our students with a healthy, welcoming community that will not only give an active boost to your body, but also revitalize the mind.

Tel. +45 52 52 36 87

Address: Teglholmsgade 76A, 2450 Copenhagen



Yum Yoga & Café

About Yum Yoga & Café:

Yum Yoga and Café is a haven in Sydhavnen where you can prolong your state of mind after a delightful yoga class,
by enjoying a healthy, yummy meal, while overlooking the meditative water.

Tel. 31 10 05 05

Address: Alliancevej 22, 2450 Copenhagen


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